Privacy & Data Protection


Taylor’d Bundles Ltd records and stores the contact details for the senders and recipients of all bundles.

We will only use the sender’s information to email promotional information and will never pass details on to third parties. Customers can opt-in to receive marketing/ promotional information from Taylor’d Bundles and can opt out at any time by emailing us at

We sometimes share links to other websites that we think our customers may be interested in. Taylor’d Bundles Ltd is not responsible for these sites, so we recommend that you review their own privacy policies.

Please note that we have the right to change our privacy policy by updating this page at any time. 

Data protection

We have taken every measure to ensure that online shopping at Taylor’d Bundles is as secure as possible. We use a secure online payment system, Barclaycard merchant services, and we never store credit card details on our site.


Cookie policy

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