Taylor'd Bundles - our collection

Welcome to our collection. As you may or may not know, each and every item has been designed in collaboration with Taylor'd Bundles and the collaborators themselves, but we are also very proud of the fact that we have a range of exclusive designs too, making our collection even more unique and special. We can personalise an existing bundle, or look to create a truly one-off bundle that mixes and matches a selection of gifts from our collection, to fit your budget or vision. We would like to think that with the service that Taylor’d Bundles offers, the possibilities are endless. Taylor'd Bundles | Thoughtful gifts made simple.

(Please note that the categories are not exhaustive and should be used for ideas only (for example, some bundles could sit across a range of the categories))



  • Bouncing baby boy

    This lovely baby bundle includes personalised handmade gifts for a precious baby boy, that is sure to make a wonderful impression.