Taylor'd Bundles - your best kept gifting secret. 

We pride ourselves on creating the right gift for the right time, taking the hassle and worry out of gifting. But not only that, we have brought together a unique selection of UK based designers and createives to create unique gifts and concepts that you will not find anywhere else.

Many of our gifts have been created in collaboration with Taylor'd Bundles but we are also very proud of the fact that we have a range of exclusive designs too, making our collection even more unique and special. We have the ability to personalise an existing bundle, or can look to create a truly one-off bundle that mixes and matches a selection of gifts from our collection, to fit your budget or vision. The possibilities are endless. 

  • The Elysian Day

    The iconic design is a lovely just-because letterbox bouquet to send to any fashion-loving friends.

  • Feeling under the weather

    When someone is feeling under the weather, a little sweet treat is the only thing that will do. Exclusive to Taylor'd Bundles.

  • Butterflies in your tummy

    Help to settle nerves with this empowering, personalised butterfly kimono and feel like a queen for the day. 

  • I've got your back

    When you may not have the words, our limited edition, 'I've got your back' sweatshirt (designed exclusively for Taylor'd Bundles) says it for you.

  • Hashtag-tastic

    Whether you want to celebrate a fantastic friend, hashtag a memory, business name, or favourite saying, these (paper) cutting-edge A5 pieces, are perfect.

  • Personalised I've got your back

    10% off until Sunday. Due to popular demand, our best-selling 'I've got your back' jumper range is now available with a personalised option to the cuff for a limited time only. 

  • Number 1 fan

    Whether you want to send congratulations, good luck or a reassuring arm around their shoulder, this gift is sure to raise a smile.

  • All things bright and beautiful

    The perfect gift to congratulate a couple on how far they have come in their pregnancy. Unisex, bright, happy and personalised.

  • Bouncing baby girl

    This popular baby bundle for a precious baby girl, includes a range of wonderful personalised gifts making it truly special.

  • Bouncing baby boy

    This lovely baby bundle includes personalised handmade gifts for a precious baby boy, that is sure to make a wonderful impression.

  • Love for Liberty

    This beautiful Liberty of London cot blanket will be cherished and adored for years to come and comes in a range of colourways.  

  • Arm around your shoulder

    10% off until Sunday. A silent arm around a strong set of shoulders - for when you haven't quite got the words.

  • Get back to feeling like you in 21 days

    Introducing a new bundle that offers you support in areas such as nutrition, exercise and self-care strategies that will bring your body back to YOU after having a baby.

  • Summer Angel

    Due to popular demand, we are proud to present our ‘I’ve got your back’ angel wing design now comes as part of a t shirt design too.

  • Under my wing

    A perfect addition for a baby's nursery - this Liberty of London cot mobile represents support and protection of a new baby.

  • Blooming marvellous Phoebe

    This bold bouquet was inspired by a beloved archival Liberty fabric, the Phoebe and Jo, which features bright floral motifs interlinking with meadowy stems from back in the 1960's.

  • For the love of Liberty

    Anyone born in the 80's would love this design as the box is inspired by Liberty's Rachel fabric from 1988. A bouquet perfect for engagements, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and beyond.

  • A note of thanks

    This box of 10 biscuits offers the sender the chance to handwrite a note of thanks to a special individual who's support has helped them go places. 

  • Smashing it!

    If you're looking for a gift that says it all, this box of 6 biscuits says it all #smashingit

  • Apple of my eye

    Give your teacher a sweet treat to have in the staff room. Warning - these are too good to share so find a quiet corner! 

  • One for you, one for me

    Why not buy a gift for baby and their sibling to help encourage the thought of being part of the same team? All super-heros together. 

  • Little Sleep Thief

    The greatest gift - the gift of sleep! Everything you need to help drift baby off to the land of nod. Choose from a number of combinations. 

  • Daddy, I love you...

    Bring to life an image that reflects your relationship with your Father, that will last a lifetime.

  • Dad, you're such a sweetie

    Send a gift to Dad that has their name written all over it - literally. How sweet is that? 

  • Sleepy head

    For those Dads who love to snuggle into a pair of PJs at bedtime, these personalised pair are perfect! 

  • Daddy Rocks

    Reminiscing of the old days when mix tapes were all the rage? Why not add the name of the song to your very own mix tape that reminds you of time with Dad? 

  • Sweet little baby

    An enchanting box of 10 beautifully handcrafted biscuits to help celebrate the safe arrival of 1, 2 or even 3 babies. Available in pink or blue. 

  • Sweet thing - Ive got your back

    Sometimes you just need a moment to take it all in. Share that moment with this box of gorgeously crafted biscuits, exclusive to Taylor'd Bundles. 

  • Swearing pretty

    Sometimes there are no words. And sometimes there are so we've made our own biscuits with our very own faves included. Exclusive to Taylor'd Bundles - Sweet (sorry Mum!).

  • The neck's best thing

    So much love for this design. It's most definitely the neck's best thing when it comes to necklaces. 

  • Angelic ears

    Angelic ears right there. Pretty, delicate - heavenly.

  • Sleep tight

    Comforters with character. Their mission: to make comforters cool again and encourage the best nights sleep. 

  • You are my sunshine.

    You rock. I love you. You're amazing. Thank you for being you or Just because. A cherry all-rounder. 

  • Sick as a parrot

    Sickness, disappointment, sadness. Whatever the reason you may want to send a little happiness, this bouquet does all the speaking for you. 

  • Shooting star

    Love you to the moon and back. These shooting star tassel combination necklace brings a little sparkle to any outfit or occasion. 

  • Make your dreams a reality

    Who dares to dream? This dreamy necklace design will encourage anyone to go after those dreams.

  • Big hearted

    This kimono style top design was inspired to encourage more women in the UK to check their boobs. Inspired by the Coppafeel! campaign, 20% from each sale goes directly to Cancer Research. 

  • Its OK to cry

    'It's OK to cry' is a kimono style top design that offers a show of support when things don't quite go to plan. 20% from sale goes directly to Cancer Research.

  • Charming memories

    After rain comes sun, and with sun comes a rainbow that shows thats the stormy times are a thing of the past. This gift offers a ray of sunshine for all.

  • Somewhere over the rainbow

    This gift represents hope. A gift that offers light after darkness with a dash of sparkle for good measure. Beautiful.

  • Your biggest fan

    Send your bestie a gift that shows what a fan of theirs you truly are. Fan-tastic! 

  • Scientifically brilliant!

    A wonderfully unique gift that empowers young children who have a love for all things scientific. 

  • Faites-le personnel

    These stunning berets come plain or with a personalised message on the front - if you want to get personal, this statement beret is a clear winner!

  • The Super Cape has landed

    Ideal for little girls who dont enjoy wearing coats - these incredible Ziggy capes from Lala and Pom look demure from the front but have some serious rock star attitude at the back! Show off your sass with dreamy but powerful cape. 

  • Shake your Pom-poms

    Bienvenue to these little girl's berets, complete with pompoms and a hearty dose of ‘je ne sais quoi’ for good measure - magnifique!

  • I'm all ears

    When a friend or loved one needs a sympathetic ear, or 'just because', these exclusive designed angelic ear-threaders make the perfect gift. 

  • Day Dreamer

    A classic, dreamy and crisp cotton pyjama set design that comes with your initials appearing in a large and stylish motif on the pocket. Gorgeous. 

  • Sleep Easy

    Treat yourself to our gorgeous black silky satin coco pyjamas. Personalised with your initials on the pocket. A very dreamy combination. 

  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Show how proud you are of someone special by sending them this Sweet Smell of Success flower bouquet from Bloom & Wild. 

  • Forget me not

    When you haven't the words, but want to show you care, this stunning bouquet says it all. 

  • To the moon and back

    This exclusively designed love filled papercut says it all. 

  • Corporate

    If you're a business looking for support creating memorable gifts for staff and/or clients, look no further.

  • On the wings of love

    An exclusive design that represents protection, love and support. 

  • Let's do this!

    Motivational, encouraging - Let's do this! 

  • Monday's Child

    The day of the week someone is born is often forgotten so make more of it with this pretty print. 

  • Through the keyhole

    Bring to life the beauty of your home (past or present) with this stylish pen and ink illustration. 

  • I believe in you

    Knowing that someone has utter belief in your ability is the best feeling ever. Yes, I believe in you! 

  • The World is your Oyster

    Bold, empowering and encouraging. Grab opportunties when you can. Always remember, the World is your Oyster. 

  • Go big or go home...

    A set of stationery that includes all the feels and all the best more productive swears, in one massive pack. Job. Done.  

  • The gift that keeps on giving

    This 3 month stationery subscription will keep you or your friend well stocked up with brilliantly designed stationery sets. 

  • Here. Forever yours

    This set of exclusively designed shiny foil wings offer a virtual arm around the shoulder for when you don't have the words.

  • Shine bright like a diamond

    Bold, bright and confident. A wonderful gift for a little girl who has been born to shine. 

  • Baby, I've got your back.

    10% off until Sunday. These Liberty of London angel wings offer all the protection a new-born baby needs. 

  • What if I fall? But what if you fly!

    10% off until Sunday. I've got your back little lady. You can do this. 

  • Family roots

    Celebrate a new addition to a family by creating your very own family tree and celebrate the roots that make your family great. 

  • You are a star

    When you want to tell someone that they are a total star, this gift says it all. 

  • On Cloud Nine

    A lovely gift that celebrates the arrival of a special new baby in a truly personal way. 

  • Rosie & Ronny

    If you're looking for a personalised gift for a little boy or girl, look no further. Rosie & Ronny are on hand to help...

  • For the love of Pets

    Bring to life a picture of your pets in a beautiful and intricate way. 

  • Peas in a pod

    We could never find truly thoughtful and creative gifts to help celebrate multiple births, so we created our own. Twins, triplets, quads - all welcome here. 

  • Letter of LOVE

    An original poem that forms an exclusive design, that talks of the early days when two star struck lovers met. 

  • One Year On ...

    When beautiful words come together on paper in an exclusive design, amazing things happen. Happy first anniversary darling. 

  • The Year You Were Born

    We are all proud of the year we were born so why not turn your birth year into something that will never go out of date?

  • Life begins at Four-Tea

    This gift celebrates their coming of age in a fun and jovial way. A great gift for tea-drinkers!

  • Walk on the wild side

    'Walk on the wild side' is an exclusively designed papercut that makes the perfect addition to a child's bedroom or playroom. 

  • Lucky Star

    A wonderfully personal handcrafted papercut that celebrates the safe arrival of a special baby. 

  • Son of a Dragon

    The perfect sweat for your feisty, fearless offspring or loved one. 

  • Calling all Mother of Dragons

    If you’re already (or soon to be!) mother to a feisty, fearless tribe, this is the sweatshirt for you. 

  • Bag it up, bag it in

    A lovely gift that will be used time and time again. Go on, be the reason someone smiles today. 

  • Make-up, don't break up

    This make-up / accessory bag comes with a gentle reminder that the owner is awesome and encourages them to smile wherever they go. 

  • Every journey...

    This back-pack is the perfect gift for someone heading to somewhere new who may need a little encouragement along the way. 

  • Gold-bag-gidy

    A handy, roomy cotton shoulder bag that shows you're a gold-digger through and through. 

  • Gold-dig-gidy

    Encourage one and all to dig deep and make those dreams become a reality. 

  • Your name in white

    Create a gift that not only will keep a new-born warm and comfy, but will be cherished for years to come. 

  • Shine bright little one

    A thoughtful gift that represents empowerment, support and recognition. Available from 4 years+, in a variety of colourways. 

  • Comfy play

    This gorgeous handmade 'Ginny' romper suit gives any new little lady room to explore moving around. 

  • All you could ask for

    A new twist on bundles. Personalised monochrome colourways. Perfect. 

  • The Nursery bundle

    If you are looking for a gift that will help to decorate a new-born’s nursery, this is the perfect gift for them! 

  • As snug as a bug

    This bundle has been created for special new arrivals who arrived a little earlier than planned. Sets are suitable for Prem 2 (3-5lbs). 

  • Bring out the bunting

    Our handmade personalised bunting is a wonderful addtion to any new baby's nursery wall.

  • Baby stork

    This exclusive stork illustration is a wonderfully thoughtful way to mark the safe arrival of a special newborn.

  • All wrapped up

    This wonderful knitted set includes a beautifully soft cardigan with pretty buttons, a hat and set of booties. So charming.

  • Picture perfect pregnancy

    This beautiful and striking image created from your own memory, will be a gift that you will treasure forever.

  • Mix & Match

    Mix and match from a range of beautiful handmade gifts and make your own, one off bundle that no-one else has.

  • Mother bear

    This beautiful design is a lovely representation of the relationship between mother and child. We are also proud to say that this wonderful design is exclusive to Taylor’d Bundles making this gift even more special.