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The theatre of opening - our top tips

Whenever asked if I would you like my purchase gift wrapped, I always reply with a 'yes please', and wait in anticipation to see what I'm handed back. Boxes with clever folds, delicate tissue paper, pretty bags with beautiful ties and handles, I just love packaging.

For me, beautiful wrapping absolutely adds to the wonderful theatre that comes when opening a special gift.

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Fall in love with card-making...

I started making cards about 3 years ago - I loved a mooch around a gift shop and saw that there was a demand for handmade gifts, cards included. People love a one-off gift or card, one that they know won't be found in big chain stores or card shops. I take inspiration from simple designs, nothing too fussy, less is more in my humble opinion! I love cards that are bold and simple, cards such as the Alice Scott range are fab, they usually include only one or two colours but are either quirky or kitch...

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Tea, cake and papercutting...

The art of papercutting has been around for centuries, but thanks to artists such as Rob Ryan and Poppy Chancellor, the art is making a come back.

My fascination and genuine interest in the craft is the reason why the skill appears in a range of our bundles, and what ultimately lead me to sign up for a workshop earlier this week by the legendary Poppy Chancellor. It took place at Chelsea Wharf on Wednesday and was a wonderful insight into how papercuts are made.