It's the thought that counts. 



Written by: Caz

A letter of thanks to my Mum

With Mother's Day only a week or so away, and Thursday being International Women's Day, it has got me thinking about the influence that my Mum has had on me over the years. Saying that, I am so fortunate to have been raised by both parents; Joan, the kindest lady you will ever meet, and Stephen a man with a heart of pure gold, so whilst these words form a letter of thanks to Mum, it's most definitely extends to Dad too as raising the 4 of us, was most definitely a 2 man job! 

Thank you. Thank you for teaching us about kindness and confidence and showing us that kindness most definitely does not mean weakness. For allowing us to go out with confidence in the outfits we chose when we were beginnning to find our own style (Rich with his Manchester United top, Jon with his shaved head, Mike with his Evisu matching jacket and jeans that we purchased from Clotheshow and for not going bonkers when I died my hair black). The approach you took, gave us the time to work out for ourselves that these and may other choices, were maybe not the best decisions we had ever made, but choices we were allowed to make ourselves nonetheless (it's also given you tonnes of hilarious photos to look over too!). Thank you for trusting us but for also teaching us about consequence. I now understand more than ever, the effort it takes to follow through with the promises you make to your children, and for also delivering the threats too. For giving us all time to talk through our worries and dreams and for being an amazing team of cheerleaders throughout all we have tried to achieve. From someone who has had a first hand experience, you've done a great job and a job that we are all trying very hard to copy. Have a great weekend Mum and thanks for everything you do even now for your cheeky but fabulous foursome. x




Written by: Caz

Back in 2011 when my gorgeous little girl Florence arrived into the world, my husband and I received some incredibly thoughtful gifts. It wasn’t until I started enquiring about where the gifts had come from, that I discovered our creative friends had made them themselves. To discover our friends had poured their love and talent into these thoughtful gifts, made them feel even more special. I felt so touched, it was this feeling that I wanted to bottle and share with others.

Thanks to my hugely supportive husband and family, some very late nights and various trips up and down the country, I have been able to collate a wonderful array of hand-picked products that make up our truly bespoke gift sets.