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Written by: Caz

Jack Wills - practicing what they preach when it comes to employee satisfaction

Taylor'd Bundles has been proudly supplying maternity and paternity leave gift bundles to the employees of Jack Wills for over 2 years now. Our gifting service works nicely alongside their strong desire to do the most they can for their staff (and customers) so we were eager to collaborate with the fabulously British brand to help further complement the already brilliant service they offer their UK based employees.

Jack Wills was established in 1999 and over the last 17 years, has undergone a huge amount of change and growth. They have a portfolio of over 80 stores worldwide, a team that is made up of over 1,700 employees (globally), and only recently has sold a minority stake to BlueGem bringing with this appointment new and exciting vision and plans for the company as a whole. Throughout all this change, Jack Wills has made a point of continuing to invest in the teams and individuals who have shaped the brand into what it is today, so let me explain more about how I feel they are raising the bar when it comes to employee satisfaction.

‘The People Team’

The People Team (aka Human Resources) at Jack Wills have a motto:

‘We don't just want to meet requirements, we want to exceed them'.

The People Team at Jack Wills are always looking for new ways to keep the huge 1,735 team at Jack Wills motivated and supported in the workplace. They have an impressive set of employee perks and benefits that are added to regularly; a whopping 60% staff discount (which can be used 4 times a year) employee sample sales, a discretionary 4pm finish on Fridays, life insurance, on-going training, pension, the list goes on.

Jack Wills place an emphasis on health & well-being and aside from the on-site gym, regular events are scheduled including visits from beauticians to pamper the teams and pilates and yoga classes to help them to relax. The Great Place to Work Team plans a busy timetable of social events to ensure there is plenty of play in amongst the work.

“We want to ensure that we are an employer of choice and that we show our workers how much we care - a great way to do this is through having a wide array of staff benefits that all can benefit from.”

Jack Wills also have straightforward procedures in place to support members of staff who are expecting a child; structured handovers before going on leave are a necessity to make sure that all involved are comfortable with their work-load and responsibility, working from home before and after leave is encouraged if required, and flexible working is seen as the norm without anyone judging if you're not in the office 9 - 5. The government childcare voucher scheme is in place to take advantage of subsidised childcare and maternity and paternity pay is very competitive. Managers encourage employees to attend KIT days (Keep In Touch) so that they are still part of the team despite being out of the office, along with the option of being on the maternity communications list so they can stay connected.

For some of you reading this, the procedures in place at Jack Wills (regarding maternity/paternity leave) may sound very similar to what your current employer offers, but for many others, this is the stuff that only dreams are made of. For many UK based businesses, maternity and paternity is viewed as an inconvenience that comes with a lot of annoying and timely administration which frequently can be felt by the employee making individuals finding the whole experience a very negative and unsupportive time.  

Jack Wills’s brand essence is an obsession with the product and the customer but they also have a genuine love for their employees. They are not the type of company to view maternity/paternity leave as a costly inconvenience. In contrast, they recognise that to positively address a staff member’s temporary absence whilst they become a parent and build a relationship with their child, can be the difference between the individual returning from leave or choosing to leave the business completely.

'We recognise that maternity and paternity leave is an incredibly important time for parents to bond with their new baby - as a business we want to do everything we can in order for this to happen; being a supportive network in every way possible.'

Jack Wills now present both male and female staff members from all parts of their UK business* (retail/store through to Head Office) who are expecting a child, with a Taylor'd Bundle to welcome and celebrate their new arrival. We have collaborated to create a unique bundle filled with one-off gifts for mum and baby, that arrive carefully wrapped within a Jack Wills branded box, tissue paper, ribbon to give the gift instant recognition. We have agreed specific corporate rates and a process that allows the team to order a truly thoughtful gift within seconds. The gifts are often personalised with details of the baby and family which reflects the genuine care and love the business has for the employee.

Our service offers companies a more cost and time effective process to send a gift that reflects how much they care for the individual’s family. In a short amount of time, at a cost that fits a set budget, a gift is organised and sent out directly to the loved one, freeing up valuable time to complete other important tasks. All our customers are set up online so as soon as an order is made, an invoice is created and sent directly to the main point of contact to process hence our strapline ‘Thoughtful gifts made simple’.

Jack Wills has so many brilliant extras in place for their people, but the fact they are constantly thinking of ways to show how much they appreciate their employees at all times of their lives, sums up for me the ethos of their fabulously brilliant British brand. We are very proud to help them support and cherish their staff in a unique and memorable way, and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Taylor’d Bundles I  Thoughtful gifts made simple.

*Maternity gifting bundles were agreed to be offered to all staff members (male and female) across the entire UK business as of September 2016.

Written by: Caz

Back in 2011 when my gorgeous little girl Florence arrived into the world, my husband and I received some incredibly thoughtful gifts. It wasn’t until I started enquiring about where the gifts had come from, that I discovered our creative friends had made them themselves. To discover our friends had poured their love and talent into these thoughtful gifts, made them feel even more special. I felt so touched, it was this feeling that I wanted to bottle and share with others.

Thanks to my hugely supportive husband and family, some very late nights and various trips up and down the country, I have been able to collate a wonderful array of hand-picked products that make up our truly bespoke gift sets.