It's the thought that counts. 



Written by: Caz

The emotional side of going it alone

Leaving your 9-5 and going it alone has genuinely been one of the best things I've ever done, however when I talk to others thinking of taking the leap, I feel it's important to mention the emotional side that comes with such a big step. Whilst it most definitely gives you the possibility to see more of your family and be in charge of your own destiny, it's a rollercoaster of a ride that comes with moments of self doubt, so I thought I'd share with you my view on what the actual experience feels like verses your possible thinking.

1. Be realistic about your partners support - please remember that just because your partner has agreed to support your ambition, doesn't mean they will be positive about the move the whole time. The reality is that they take on the responsibility of shouldering the potential loss of a constant monthly salary and may at times feel a little envious of the fact that you're going out there to make your dream a reality. I've been very fortunate to have a husband who wholeheartedly supports our business, but the compromises that we've made to get where we are with Taylor'd Bundles have at times, been hard to swallow. For him, he sees the endless time, calls, meetings, preparation and missing out of family time that I have had to forfeit. So when he compares now to how I used to work, he gets frustrated. I get it. I really do, but I keep my eye on where the business is going and forgive the times when its not all high fives and confident chats between us both.

2. Have a plan - if your plan is a simple one, its still a plan that you can refer back to. If simply you want to go freelance for a while to get more experience, to find a way to feel less stressed, to get more money, gain more flexibility to do more of what you love, great. Providing you have a plan on how you're going to achieve your ultimate aim, this will help keep you on track. If you don't know what you want to get from this change, you're going to go round in circles which can fill you with self doubt and worry and no one wants that.

3. Be agile - if something ain't working, change it. Learn to quickly be able to review a situation and come up with a plan b, c, d and put plans in place to make the change. The changes can be minor such as sharing the pick ups so you can work a little longer or maybe it will be writing your to do list the night before so you can hit the ground running first thing. Enjoy being in charge of your time, don't let it take over your life and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Feel empowered instead. 

4. Be prepared to compromise - compromise generally makes people feel like they are missing out on something to get something else that they want. Yes, this can be true, but in this instance, your compromises must be viewed as a short term loss that if you remain focussed and committed ,will give you long term gain. 

5. Don't seek the approval of EVERYONE - this is really important to note as it will turn you into a paranoid mess if you don't take this on board. The reality is some people in your social world will NEVER Like, share or comment on anything you do simply because it's you. It's not because of what you're doing. Remember, you've stuck your neck out and gone for it. They may still be stuck in the job that you'd left, or they may feel they could never take the leap of faith you've taken. If what you're doing ticks your boxes and is giving you satisfaction creatively, financially, socially, PLEASE let that be enough. If you seek the approval of everyone you meet, you are  never going to be satisfied and are likely to give up before you've really achieved what you're truly capable of. Believe me, if you've decided to go it alone, you're braver than you think anyway.

Written by: Caz

Back in 2011 when my gorgeous little girl Florence arrived into the world, my husband and I received some incredibly thoughtful gifts. It wasn’t until I started enquiring about where the gifts had come from, that I discovered our creative friends had made them themselves. To discover our friends had poured their love and talent into these thoughtful gifts, made them feel even more special. I felt so touched, it was this feeling that I wanted to bottle and share with others.

Thanks to my hugely supportive husband and family, some very late nights and various trips up and down the country, I have been able to collate a wonderful array of hand-picked products that make up our truly bespoke gift sets.