It's the thought that counts. 



Written by: Caz

Adele inspires so many, even the collection from Taylor'd Bundles...

I wasn't ready then, I'm ready now...

Earlier this year, I attended an awesome Adele concert at the O2. Throughout the show, we all happily listened to her chatting away with ease in between belting out her brilliant ballards, but what really grabbed my attention was the backdrop that she used to share intimate and personal pictures of her life. Many happy images were shown of her as a little girl, days outs, family shots, images before and after the arrival of her son, but it was one image in particular of her pregnancy that really grabbed my attention - a picture of her with her blossoming bump. It was such a beautiful picture of a special moment in time.

The image was so powerful it inspired an illustration that we now create for new mothers called the 'Bump'.

But who would have thought that the confident and strong lady standing in front of us all, belting out her tunes had struggled with post-natal depression soon after welcoming her son into the world. Feeling worried and nervous. Not confident and happy. It happens to many of us, even Adele, so we must all remember that having a baby is sometimes one of the hardest things that women go through, and not always the happiest.

So please take the time to ask how our friends who have become new mothers are. You don't need to have all the answers for them, sometimes just being there is all you need to do.

I applaud Adele on her brutal honesty and really do hope that this incredible article does wonders for many who have and are suffering with PND. Adele, you're totally fabulous. 

Written by: Caz

Back in 2011 when my gorgeous little girl Florence arrived into the world, my husband and I received some incredibly thoughtful gifts. It wasn’t until I started enquiring about where the gifts had come from, that I discovered our creative friends had made them themselves. To discover our friends had poured their love and talent into these thoughtful gifts, made them feel even more special. I felt so touched, it was this feeling that I wanted to bottle and share with others.

Thanks to my hugely supportive husband and family, some very late nights and various trips up and down the country, I have been able to collate a wonderful array of hand-picked products that make up our truly bespoke gift sets.