It's the thought that counts. 



Written by: Caz

4 years on...

Today is a HUGE milestone for me & the team at Taylor'd Bundles. So much has happened and changed over the years, I thought I would share some of my learnings so far, what the future holds, what makes me proud and why I’m still massively motivated to make people smile. 

Introducing 'The Doubters'. I don't normally like to write about negative experiences, however this particular encounter was a great learning for me.

A couple of years after I launched Bundles, I was sat at a bar with some friends and other people I didn’t really know that well, when one of the group, a very articulate guy, came up to me to announce that he didn’t ‘get’ my business. 

He asked why 'he' would use my service when he could 'quite simply go down to a shop and just buy a set of baby bibs for someone who’s just had a baby.’ He felt that online shopping was a hassle and that I hadn’t thought my business through. 

And there. 

There was the answer. 

He wouldn’t ‘get’ my business because he’s not my target audience. He’s not the type of person who would take the time to think about what someone who’s just experienced something important would LOVE to receive. He also isn’t one of the 87% of the entire UK population who’s bought something online in the last 12 months either. 

I’ve realised that what I do is not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok. However, it’s the hundreds of comments that I’ve received, the surprise gifts I’ve received in return, the mentions and support for me, my team and our service, that’s MORE than enough to keep me going. Different strokes and all that.

So, if you’re about to embark on something new, please don’t be put off by peoples flippant comments. Learn to listen only to the valid comments as there will always be people who try to sway you off your path. Sometimes comments come from people who would never seek the courage to embark on doing something like what you have planned for themselves, which is why they don’t appreciate the jump. Go with your gut. 

Talking of which, let’s talk tummies - my gut has over the years, never once let me down. What Bundles is all about is delivering genuine feelings, so what’s included in that whole experience from the people, the products, the sentiment, all needs to feel right. When something doesn’t feel right, it needs to get fixed quickly or when opportunities don't fit, they have been politely declined and that’s worked for me. 

Change has always been a good thing for Taylor’d Bundles - its always brought with it new opportunities and has stretched my abilities. Never did I think that my concept would be purchased by celebrities, be written about in magazines, appear in the Huffington Post or be worthy of awards, but my small but hugely passionate business has achieved precisely that, and so much more. It's down to the PR, the business coaching, the ideas, the creativity, the contacts, the tight team, and the belief that has helped contributed Bundles to being so awesome. 

I’m capable of far more than I thought - I surround myself with the best people who get my vision and are genuine supporters. They bring the best out of me and that’s what makes me tick.

I’m getting better at saying no, but still needs improvement. Let’s see what I pen next year on the subject! 

I do what I do, because it makes everyone involved feel great. We’ve created gifts for such important times, and that’s really important for me. In life, we’re all going to have great experiences, heart breaking experiences, experiences we weren’t expecting and times when we are lost for words. I’m honoured to have helped mark these milestones in a thoughtful and genuine way and am ever so thankful to all our amazing customers who come back over and over again for gifts and ideas. 

Our future is full of more and more ideas, Bundles and events and who knows, a couple of surprises along the way. Thank you and here’s to partying with my besties this eve! X

Written by: Caz

Back in 2011 when my gorgeous little girl Florence arrived into the world, my husband and I received some incredibly thoughtful gifts. It wasn’t until I started enquiring about where the gifts had come from, that I discovered our creative friends had made them themselves. To discover our friends had poured their love and talent into these thoughtful gifts, made them feel even more special. I felt so touched, it was this feeling that I wanted to bottle and share with others.

Thanks to my hugely supportive husband and family, some very late nights and various trips up and down the country, I have been able to collate a wonderful array of hand-picked products that make up our truly bespoke gift sets.